Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping is required for any regulated products that are manufactured or stored. Although it seems like the mapping process may be cumbersome or invasive, it doesn’t have to be.  Using Tutela’s simple mapping service let’s us do the work while you reap the benefits.


Tutela offers a wide range of temperature mapping services and as temperature monitoring specialists, we can provide a wealth of insight, advice and support when planning your mapping exercise. Our wireless data loggers are located internally in the device being mapped. There are no cables that breach the fixture seal giving you real situation mapping data. If you need to access inventory during the mapping process, the Tutela door switch device will account for these events without compromising the overall mapping results.


You receive a full report of the mapping data along with any comments on the hot and cold spots identified along with our expert analysis. Any recorded temperature excursions that are outside of the predefined tolerance are noted and detailed.

Already a Tutela Customer?

If we already monitor your temperature, mapping becomes a seamless operation as you are only dealing with one single supplier.

Contact one of our trained technicians to find out how Tutela can help you make the best decisions for your facility.

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