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Tutela offers a number of additional services to pair with the hardware system for a complete solution.

Sensor Calibration for Compliance

Annual calibration of monitoring sensors is highly recommended to correct any drift that may occur over time. Having your sensors regularly calibrated ensures that your readings are accurate and supports regulatory compliance. Tutela Monitoring follows ISO 17025 calibration procedures and all calibrations are performed on-site by trained Tutela engineers conveniently located nationwide. Upon completion of the calibration, certificates of calibration are provided and also uploaded to the Tutela interface. 


Secure Electronic Records

All monitoring data is retained in electronic records that are 100% FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant. Information is stored on mirrored Tutela servers and is saved for up to 40 years. The system is truly paperless and assures that monitoring data will never be lost. 

Alarm Response Team

As another layer of protection, the Tutela Monitoring System is reinforced with a 24/7 human Alarm Response Team. In the event of an excursion, you are notified of alarms by a trained Tutela operator based on a contact list that you provide. Our customers enjoy the flexibility of phone call, email and/or text notifications which are fully audited to protect your inventory. 

Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping is required for any regulated products that are manufactured or stored. Although it seems like the mapping process may be cumbersome or invasive, it doesn’t have to be. Using Tutela’s simple mapping service let’s us do the work while you reap the benefits.

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"Our partnership with Tutela literally secures our donors last wishes and advances scientific research. Together we are working towards a lasting legacy of brain wellness."


Lauren Angueira

Donor Management Coordinator, University of Miami, Brain Endowment Bank

Tutela Services

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