Sensor Calibration

It is recommended that all medical monitoring sensors are calibrated every twelve months. This ensures that readings are accurate and regulatory compliance is maintained. Tutela provides the highest level of calibration competency with NIST traceability to its customers by following ISO 17025 calibration procedures and by using highly accurate and industry recognized PICO Data Loggers.

Once a calibration visit has been scheduled, a Tutela Monitoring engineer will arrive on site to perform the single-point or three-point calibration. There is little to no disruption to day-to-day production as the calibration is performed. At the conclusion of the calibration process, a calibration certificate and worksheet is issued and also uploaded to the customizable Tutela customer interface.  

Tutela offers a wide range of high precision fully NIST traceable wireless monitoring sensor options that include:

  • Temperature

  • Flow, Pressure

  • Differential Pressure

  • Relative Humidity

  • 4-20mA Instrumentation

  • CO2, O2, LN2

  • Particle Counts

  • Volt Free Alarm and Status Contacts

Sensors are calibrated using a standard SOP along with NIST traceable reference thermometers. The detailed results of the sensor probe calibrations that are performed are fully documented for audit purposes.

Tutela performs a full validation of the system installation and provides fully compliant DQ, IQ and OQ documentation.

Tutela Traceable Sensor Probes

Widest Range of Traceable Wireless Sensor Probes


Tutela offers a monitoring solution to fit every scientific and medical inventory monitoring need. The wide range of sensors available meets the needs of any application from ambient temperature to cryogenic tank monitoring.

The central hub of the system, the wireless alarm receiver panel (WARP), receives a constant stream of monitoring data from the transmitters that are installed in your facility.  Each Tutela wireless transmitter supports up to 2 sensing probes for maximum efficiency.

Tutela provides a full range of wireless sensors for all monitoring needs and any application. All sensors are calibrated using a NIST ISO 17025 calibration laboratory.

Each wireless transmitter stores data for 7 days. Even with a significant power outage, your data is not lost and there are no gaps in your records ensuring complete compliance.

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