Tutela's Temperature Monitoring System



The Wireless Alarm Receiver Panel (WARP) is the hub of the system. This discreet panel provides all you need from your monitoring system at a glance.

  • Full color LCD screen.

  • Displays up to 246 sensors.

  • On board 320 GB HDD with 60 years of storage.

  • 7-hour stand-by operation.

  • Audible and visual alarm notifications.


Wireless Transmitters

Each wireless transmitter supports up to 2 sensors that are calibrated to ISO 17025 standards. The

transmitters feed sensing data continuously into the Warp.

  • 7-day onboard memory storage.

  • Full range of monitors from temperature and humidity to CO2, LN2 and DP.

  • Extended life battery.


Signal Repeaters

Signal repeater modules will automatically seek and connect an alternate signal path to the Warp. Using these repeater modules creates Tutela’s T-Mesh Network, ensuring that there will always be a clean signal path from the transmitter to the Warp.

  • Wireless or Ethernet-based.

  • 21-hours of stand-by battery operation.


Tutela Transport Data Logger

Ensure complete compliance integrity across the supply chain during transportation with the

Tutela Transport Data Logger (TTMU).

  • No special software needed.

  • LCD instant status display.

  • Internal and external probe options.

  • Integrates seamlessly with the Genesis 3 System.


T-Mesh System

Tutela's Self Healing Network

The innovative T-Mesh System designed by Tutela, ensures the highest levels of resilience within the wireless sensor network. T-Mesh utilizes intelligent Signal Repeater Modules that enable the  wireless network to heal itself to ensure that the chain of communication is never broken.

The long-term local storage in the transmitter module and the WARP, along with Tutela's innovative T-Mesh system, means that you enjoy an un-paralleled level of compliance not found in any other temperature monitoring system on the market.

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