Alarm Response Team






Days a Year

The Tutela System is backed by a 24/7 alarm response team – located in house. Each customer establishes their own unique alarm protocols that are used to create a remote alarm monitoring system specific to their needs.

Any deviation from the predetermined set-points is reported immediately by a Tutela operator to your customer-designated staff. The alarm response team operates 24/7, all year round with fully audited electronic emails and SMS notifications also available in conjunction with phone calls.

All communications are recorded and also available to view in the Tutela customer interface and provide a complete audit trail within the Tutela web-based system.

The Tutela 24/7 alarm response team has prevented financial loss to our customers on countless occasions by minimizing the loss of valuable inventory in all kinds of facilities and in many applications.  Tutela manages your risk of loss of your irreplaceable samples and inventory.

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