• Designed for all applications

  • Fixed costs – no software or server fees, ever

  • Web based technology brings significant benefits

  • No on-site PC hardware and software to manage or validate

  • Intuitive web interfaces

  • No hidden software upgrade fees

  • FDA and Joint Commission Fully Compliant

Remote Temperature Monitoring Specialists

About Tutela Monitoring

Tutela Monitoring Systems, LLC offers state of the art wireless temperature monitoring systems for all applications, specifically, the Life Sciences. The Genesis 3 Temperature Monitoring System comes with real-time alarming, rock-solid audit trails and a fixed cost which makes it easy to budget for.


Using the Tutela Monitoring System frees up valuable staff resources and allows you to create and retain secure audit trails accessible 24/7 from any device able to support a web-browser. We specialize in the creation and management of electronic records that are 100% FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant and store your valuable data for up to 40 years.

Maintaining compliance is not going to get any easier. The Tutela Monitoring System puts your compliance needs first and an automated remote monitoring system with alarming, like Tutela’s Genesis 3 System, is your compliance solution. Tutela delivers records with the level of detail to provide a comprehensive audit trail and prevent costly inventory loss.

When considering temperature monitoring options, choose the one that provides you with the most complete, flexible and future-proof solution, unmatched by any other in the temperature monitoring industry. There is no better solution to protect your valuable inventory.

System Benefits

Predictable, Low Ownership Costs​

  • Price fixed for the duration of the Service Agreement.

  • Zero software upgrade or licensing costs.

  • Zero IT software and hardware support costs.

  • Elimination of local staff costs.

Intuitive & Simple to Use​

  • Simple web browser access, any time, anywhere.

  • Minimal operator training.

  • Mobile access through Smart Phones and tablets.

  • Elimination of local staff costs.

Fully Compliant, Electronic Records​

  • Fully FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant.

  • Exceeds all regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Full electronic alarm incident audit trails.

  • Secure off site record storage for up to 40 years.

Safe & Secure Electronic Records​

  • Secure HTTPS Electronic Banking Standards.

  • Fully compliant access passwords & PIN Codes.

  • Fully traceable user activity audit records.

  • Mirrored record stored for ultimate security.

Client Reviews


Jessica C. Leibold

"We have been with Tutela for over 11 years and couldn’t have had a better system. They are reliable, safe and secure to monitor through their apps. Always a breeze to recover information for audit trails. Web browser access is simple and easy."

Joseph Ranne

“The plasma industry is a highly regulated industry with strict temperature requirements. Our company had been using paper chart recorders for as long as I have worked in the industry. There are multiple downsides to this analog system. When we switched to Tutela, we no longer had issues such as: graph overruns, missing data due to tracing issues, and having to manually interpret temperature values. Tutela provides clear, continuous graph tracings as well as data tables with exact temperatures, dates, and times. This has resolved all of our temperature tracing problems.


The customer service has been outstanding. As the lead on this project, working with their project team to install and have the system running was quick and easy. Additionally, having live customer service representatives at both the Corporate level and for the individual site is a must. Tutela is the only vendor to provide this level of service.”

Lauren Angueira

"Our partnership with Tutela literally secures our donors last wishes and advances scientific research. Together we are working towards a lasting legacy of brain wellness."

David Schreiner

“It was a big step making the decision to make change to electronic monitoring. However, once it was up and running, the staff bought into the benefits of having 24/7 monitoring of refrigerators and freezers storing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of supplies and preventing the loss of those supplies due to a catastrophic breakdown.”

Kathy Rogers

"We have experienced excellent service and support. As we live in a hurricane zone, it is important to have such a reliable system. The product monitored temperatures even when our internet connection went down. We are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks. During our November 18, 2009 assessment, the inspector was impressed with the documentation and reliability of our Tutela temperature monitoring system. We have experienced rapid responses from Tutela when our equipment falls outside the expected operating range. Overall, we are very satisfied with the Tutela system."

Anita Wylds

"After a thorough evaluation we chose Tutela because we just found it to be the best fit for our situation, there was a better feel to its operation."

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