• Designed for all applications

  • Fixed costs – no software or server fees, ever

  • Web based technology brings significant benefits

  • No on-site PC hardware and software to manage or validate

  • Intuitive web interfaces

  • No hidden software upgrade fees

  • FDA and Joint Commission Fully Compliant

Remote Temperature Monitoring Specialists

About Tutela Monitoring

Tutela Monitoring Systems, LLC offers state of the art wireless temperature monitoring systems for all applications, specifically, the Life Sciences. The Genesis 3 Temperature Monitoring System comes with real-time alarming, rock-solid audit trails and a fixed cost which makes it easy to budget for.


Using the Tutela Monitoring System frees up valuable staff resources and allows you to create and retain secure audit trails accessible 24/7 from any device able to support a web-browser. We specialize in the creation and management of electronic records that are 100% FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant and store your valuable data for up to 40 years.

Maintaining compliance is not going to get any easier. The Tutela Monitoring System puts your compliance needs first and an automated remote monitoring system with alarming, like Tutela’s Genesis 3 System, is your compliance solution. Tutela delivers records with the level of detail to provide a comprehensive audit trail and prevent costly inventory loss.

When considering temperature monitoring options, choose the one that provides you with the most complete, flexible and future-proof solution, unmatched by any other in the temperature monitoring industry. There is no better solution to protect your valuable inventory.


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